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Another happy customer!

Another happy customer!

I received today a great bowling Jersey from Odin Sportswear Great Jersey with an Iconic Name! Who don’t remember Roy Munson, Iowa Amateur State Champion of 1979 With the Brand „Track“ Thanks to

Marco de Bruijn

for creating me this one This Jersey is totally awesome Fun Fact: Munson and I have both one Regional Championship. He won Iowa 1979, I won Bremen Mixed 2018 #kingpin #bowling #movie #iowa #state #jersey #strike #brunswick #trackbowling

Paul Cosgrove now a Brand Ambassador

Paul Cosgrove Brand Ambassador for Odin Sportswear

Happy to say that I am now a Brand Ambassador for Odin Sportswear. I must say I’ve worn many different brands over the years and nothing comes close to the quality, comfort or performance of Odin shirts. The high quality materials keeps moisture away and allows you to breathe, and the beauty is they are local, designed right here in the Netherlands. Simply put they are the best on the Market.
Odin, Feel Good Perform Better