About Us

Who we are

Why Odin Sportswear?

With its roots in the Bowling Industry stemming back to 1985, Odin Sportswear has 3 goals for its customers. We want you to have the highest quality products, we want you to pay real competitive prices, and we don’t want you to wait too long to receive your products. To make sure we can provide you with all 3 of these qualities, we control 100% of the shirt making process for our Dye Sublimated (Dye Sub) shirts

How it Began

By 2014, Odin Sportswear founder, Marco de Bruijn, finding of a way to generate money for the JDRF Diabetic foundation during the Oneball tournament in Haarlemmerliede in 2014. Odin Sportswear was born! A tournament shirt for a decent price! All the benefits for charity! Designing the shirt and seeing all those people wearing them during the tournament felt good. People even asked if they can order extra for their team. After 4 years of designing tournament shirts and an occasional shirt for others I felt like doing it for a wider audience. To get Odin Sportswear to grow I was looking for a partner with the same mindset as I had for Odin Sportswear. End off 2018 we joined forces with Robert Geven who successfully Build the pro-shop Bowlingshop Europe.

How it Evolved

Odin Sportswear needed to rise to the next level. To supply the Bowling Industry with quality Dye Sublimated shirts (Dye Subs), Odin Sportswear needed to take full authorship for the products it was selling. The shirts you see today start with the design vision of our graphic arts team, the material is printed and pressed on state of the art equipment, and then the pieces are cut out and custom sewed together. Along with custom made shirts, Odin Sportswear also manufactures compression sleeves (Strike Sleeves), along with printing microfiber towels, skirts and much more coming.

Where we are going

Constantly focusing on quality, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround times, Odin Sportswear wants to expand to other branches. As we grow, we will continue to be innovative with our designs, our process, and how we appear in the marketplace.

Thank you for considering Odin Sportswear!

Our Strong Forces

Quality is good, but we are always looking for improvement.

We are very flexible, you want it differently? Ask us.

We are easily accessible by phone and email. We often respond to e-mail within a few hours.

Best Price/Quality
We have the best price-quality ratio on the market.

Not found what you were looking for, ask us, there are many possibilities.

Multi Language
We can speak to you in three languages. Dutch, German and English.

Our Staff Players

Kim Bolleby

Nora Johansson

Mark Jacobs
The Netherlands

Lizzy Flapper
The Netherlands

Gery Verbruggen

Toni Toivonen

Mariska van den Bos
The Netherlands

Chantal Jacobs
The Netherlands

Elco Gorter
The Netherlands

Jamie McDermott

Tomas Käyhkö

Nicole Sanders
The Netherlands

Ramon Hilferink
The Netherlands

Fabian Kloos

Diana Salmela